01 | Universal Tuning Fork*


– Medical grade stainless steel
– Adjustable frequency range
– Strong & long lasting vibration
– Optional tip extensions available
– Comes with a Sonic Temple pouch

Made from high quality 304 stainless steel. This fork represents the best choice for all types of physical (body) work. Ideal for pain release, sound puncturing (acupressure method) and stress relief.

The adjustable weights allow us to modify the frequency from approximately C2 – A2 & (C3 – weightless). Equipped with a plastic footer (20mm) for a comfortable “on body” application. The constitution of this fork allows a variety of optional tip extensions possibilities.

In neurology this fork is used to test vibration sensitivity, sensations and any neurological disorders. Moreover, it has an important application in the ENT field (hearing test). The weights of the fork have been calibrated allowing the user a very reliable and precise frequency adjustment.

*This fork is highly recommended for the Sonic Temple Sound Therapy training.

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 234mm x 48mm x 22mm
Weight: 122g

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