05. Tuning Fork Grip


– Improves the fork handling and application
– Ideal for Vibrational / Otto / Weighted forks
– Lightweight: hollow aluminum design
– Fits to majority of Tuning Fork stems

This very practical and easily adjustable hand grip can be fitted on almost any type of aluminum weighted tuning fork stem.

Developed by Sonic Temple as a handle extender it allows you to hold, glide and manipulate the vibrational tool in an easy and comfortable way.

Helpful for facilitators suffering from certain conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia as more convenient, easy fork grip and at the same time stimulation of their body.

This tuning fork extender is quite widely used also for domestic animal treatments, particularly (horses & dogs) in the racing competitions field.

Despite looking heavy & bulky the grip is extremely lightweight and weights only 140g. The grip comes with a mini tightening tool which is needed to tighten the two small screws.

Fitting stem diameter: ≤ 8 mm
Size: (L x ⌀) 182 mm x 30 mm diameter
Weight: 140 g

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