06. Tuning Fork Stem Adapter


– Stainless steel tuning fork stem converter
– Ideal for Vibrational / Otto / Weighted forks
– Fits to standard Tuning Forks stem diameters
– Comes with a mini tightening tool

Nowadays the market is overflowed by a variety of different tuning forks. Despite the fact that at first sight they might all look like more or less the same, the manufacturing process, the material, the length and thickness of the prongs consequently affect the thickness of the fork stem.

In general, it’s easier to operate a tuning fork with longer and thicker stem, although
often at the expense of weaker intensity and shorter vibration time.

Sonic Temple created a convenient solution; an adapter that saves you time, money and allows you to have the flexibility among different manufacturers or types of tuning forks, all while allowing you to use or exchange any type of conventional footers.

The adapter comes with a mini tightening tool.

Fitting stem diameter: ≤ 6  mm
Size: (L x ⌀) 30 mm x 12 mm diameter
Weight: 20 g

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