Therapeutic Tibetan Signing Bowl – 124 hz / B Note


This is a certified antique, therapeutic grade singing bowl, hand hammered in Nepal and selected specifically for its exceptional sound profile. This is a rare antique bowl with a 2nd octave B note fundamental tone.

Perfect for working with directly with the crown chakra or as part of complete 2nd octave set.

The details:

  • Fundamental note: 124 hz / B2 (2nd octave)
  • Fundamental note written on the inside base of the bowl
  • Overtones: 350 hz/B3
  • 150 cm diameter / 40cm height
  • Hand hammered
  • Origin: Nepal
  • 2 mallets included. 1 large striking mallet and 1 felt wand for rimming.

This singing bowl is part of our range of therapeutic metal signing bowls. All our metal bowls, both new and old, originate in Nepal and are hand selected for the therapeutic sound profile. This large bowl is made from traditional bell metal alloy and displays a beautiful aged patina across the whole bowl.

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