10 | Therapeutic Singing Bowl with a Handle


– Lightweight & durable stainless steel 90°degree angle
– Due smaller “contact” surface the bowl vibrates longer
– Ergonomic design (easy to assemble & disassemble)
– Ideal for 1 to 1 individual “Off-Body” sessions
– Standalone bowl mode when the handle is removed*

*The hole in the bowl does NOT affect the sound/vibration of the bowl in any way!

Firmly attached, easy to hold stainless steel handle that makes each individual sound therapy session comfortable, thorough, safe. Can be used for self-healing practice as well.

This metal bowl with an attached handle is a very practical, easy to use and innovative approach to sound therapy. 2 in 1 using the “colloquial language”. It can be used with or without the handle. When without it serves the purpose of  ordinary singing bowl without losing any of its sound or vibratory qualities.

With the handle attached it is turning into a convenient, easily applied tool for an effective self-treatment and 1 on 1 sound healing sessions. Excellent for off body contact-less treatments.

In case you’ll take responsibility and pierce your own bowl (which we don’t recommend) the handle is available for only 70 usd.

Handle dimensions: (L x W x ⌀): 124mm x 120mm ⌀19mm
Weight: 180g

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