20 | Sound Plate


– Hand hammered bell bronze metal plate
– Available in rectangular & triangular shapes
– Tuning: C (DO) in 4th to C (DO) in 5th octave
– Lightweight and efficient sound therapy tool

Its handy features makes it an excellent portable tool for off-body and auric treatment. Compact, easy to use and most importantly therapeutically effective. Equipped with a thin suede thread for comfortable handling as well as for enabling the user to spin the plate in order to create a powerful circular vibrational movement (Energy Vortex).

Sound plate shape options:

A.) Rectangular: usually bigger, heavier with extremely long sustain and deeper notes (swing motion)
B.) Triangular: smaller, lighter, with shorter sustain but higher pitch (circular motion)

Hand hammered in bell bronze, dimensions & weight varies depending on the tool note.

Dimensions of the displayed item: (L x H x W) 10.5″ (27 cm) x 5.5″ (13.5 cm) x 2,5 mm
Weight: 530 g

Comes with a matching mallet.

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