09 | Therapeutic Singing Bowl*


– Hand hammered bell bronze alloy
– Approx. 8″- 9″ (20 – 23cm) diameter
– Frequency range from D#3 to G#3
– Comes with a matching mallet & wand
– Add $25 more for a customized frequency option

A single bowl is usually the start of a sound therapy journey an individual embraces while stepping into the field of this powerful modality.

The root frequency of this hand hammered bell bronze alloy bowl is between D#3 to G#3 – from approx. 8″ (20cm) to 9″ (23cm). The weight ranges from 0.9 up to 1.5 Kg.

Ideally used for the Energy flow and Pain release protocols, as well as energy centers balancing. In case you would like to have a specific frequency within 150 to 215 Hz you have this option for 25 USD extra. Additionally, with the customized order one can as well choose between a shiny golden or vintage – leopard dots finish.

Included a matched rubber mallet and a double-sided (suede-wood) wand.

*This bowl is required for the Sonic Temple Sound Therapy training program.

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