19 | Seashell Tribal Rattle


– Unique ethno tribal rattle
– Cabasa style seashell design
– Made mostly with organic material
– 3 different sizes available
– A perfect companion for the drum

Rattles are an impeccable instrument in ceremonies and tribal rituals. Their specific sound that some music researchers define as natural “White Noise” is acting as an inhibitor to the overthinking mind.

This lightweight gourd base rattle can be used in various applications. Weather creating steady repetitive patterns or just occasional “accents” in spicing up the soundscape this tool is an ideal partner for the Shamanic drum.

The seashells net design that visually resemble the traditional Latin American Cabasa deliver a unique sound that can be used as rattle in various hand movements.

Coming in 3 different sizes.
– Small
– Medium
– Large

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