08. Matched Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 7 PCS Set


– Rematched among already factory selected sets
– Frequency tolerance less than ± 1.5%
– C4 (DO) to B4 (SI) frequency range
– Ideal for Off-body work & group sound meditations
– Nested in 2 boxes, optional carrying cases are available

Whoever experienced the Crystal Singing Bowls was almost certainly surprised by their loud and piercing tone. This powerful tool started largely appearing in meditation and therapeutic sound settings at the end of the ’80s.

The presented set is ideal for Off-Body: Auric or (Metaphysical) 1 on 1 private sessions, however it works even better for group sound meditations.

Sonic Temple has an additional quality control stage: Marko personally rematches sets from dozens of already factory selected sets thus ensuring the user will receive a perfectly tuned set.

“Frosted” Quartz silica sand 7 PCS set
Frequency range: C4 to B4 concert pitch. Sizes varies from 15-30 cm (6″-12″)
Total weight approx. 16 Kg
The set is coming with 7 rubber singing bowl rings, 2 suede wands and 2 rubber head mallets.

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