02. Osteophonic Tuning Fork*


– Medical grade Aluminum alloy
– 128 Hz | C (DO) Note
– General purpose fork
– Comes with a rubber mallet

“Otto” stands for Osteophonic – bone conductivity tool. Bones transmit vibrations more efficiently than any other part of the human body. This fork restores movement and flexibility as well as aids development of connective tissue.

It promotes relaxation, built-up stress reduction, helps in eliminating toxins from the organism. Placing the activated fork near the ears will help to balance metabolism of all organs that are linked to the auditory nerve.

Aluminum alloy made & adjusted to C3, they represent one of the most commonly available tuning forks. *Despite their vibration is shorter and subtler compared to the stainless steel ones, they can be used as auxiliary sound tool for the Sonic Temple Sound Therapy training.

Stem diameter: 8 mm
Size: (HxWxD) 216 mm x 40 mm x 28 mm
Weight: 100 g

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