17 | Monochord


– Unique double sided 2 octave design
– Horizontal & vertical operation mode
– 2 x 25 strings (gauge .025 & .054)
– C2, C#2 & D2 | C3, C#3 & D3 root tuning*
– Optional bridges available (for melody)
– Made with love in a boutique European workshop

The Monochord is an ancient instrument invented by Pythagoras of Samos around 530 BCE. The featured instrument is a state of the art hand-crafted version with 25 strings on each side: On the lower side there are 25 gauge .054 strings, whereas on the higher side 25 gauge .025 strings*.

The main feature of that instrument is that all the strings are tuned to the same note, thus creating a sound continuation allowing the practitioner to create endless sustained arpeggios.

Promoting relaxation this type of tool is ideal for off body treatments with light tactile effect on the physical and metaphysical body of the receiver as well as an addition to group sound meditations.

Recommended tuning: C2, C#2, D2 | C3, C#3, D3

Size**: H x L x W: 124 cm (48.8″) x 36cm (14.2″) x 26cm (10.2″)
Weight: 6.9 Kg (15.2 Lbs)

*Comes with a tightening tool
**Including wooden legs

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