14 | Medium Hard Singing Bowl Wand


– Medium hard Meranti redwood
– Circumference ∅ 33mm (working diameter)
– Evokes mid-range to high frequency response
– Ergonomic & elegant design
– Best for all aspects of metaphysical (OFF-body work)
– Hand brushed rimming area for more friction

If we would like to rim/rub/turn the singing bowl, we will need a wand. In majority of the cases the wand usually comes with the singing bowl.

Often however, the wood used is very hard and the wand too thin in diameter (in relation to the bowl size). The hardness of the wood therefore mostly affects the dominant frequency or pitch of the bowl.

By using this medium hard wood wand not only do we gain more friction but also a louder & more consistent tone, the feeling in the hand is more pleasant as well.

Rimming the bowl with the wooden wand is often perceived as unpleasant and disturbing and that’s mostly due inappropriate wand circumference, used wood and untrained rubbing technique.

This wand is intended only for metal alloy singing bowls and therefore not suitable for crystal bowls.

Dimensions (L x ⌀ x ⌀):
175 mm x ⌀ 33 mm working diameter x ⌀ 18 mm tapering handle
Weight: 80 g

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