Professional Himalayan 7 Singing Bowls Set


– Personally selected and matched by Marko Zigon in Nepal
– Comes in “Classic 7pcs” configuration or in 8pcs “Whole set” options
– Therapeutic quality, can be used also for group sound meditations
– Comes with 2 felted mallets (Striking) & 2 different diameters wands (Rimming)

A new singing bowl set consisting of 8 bowls in a medium C3 to C4 octave. Hand hammered in Nepal, each bowl is matched by hand with the rest of the set, giving the best results for sound consistency and accuracy.

Perfect as first set of bowls for therapeutic use, and also for simple sound bath and meditations 

The details:

  • 8 signing bowls harmonically tuned with notes: C3 D3 E3 F3 G3 A3 B3 C4¬†
  • Bell metal with polished finished
  • Hand hammered
  • Origin: Nepal
  • 2 mallets included. 1 large soft striking mallet and 1 felt wand for rimming.

8 harmonically tuned set of bowls, C3 to C4 medium octave. Accuracy level +/- 4 Hz.
15-25 cm diameter.

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