07 | Professional Himalayan Singing Bowls Set


– Selected and matched by sound engineer Marko Zigon
– Available in “Classic 7pcs” or Whole set 8pcs” configur.
– Therapeutic quality for private 1 on 1 & group sessions
– Comes with 2 mallets & 2 different double-sided wands
– 7 PCS set = $ 1,225 | 8 PCS set = $ 1,415 | Bag = $ 45


7 is the fairy tales number. Some sellers claim that bowls are made out of 7 metals, which is not true, anyone who knows about metal can confirm. Sonic Temple went further and conducted an own metallurgical research of contemporary singing bowls in Europe with the aim of demystifying this long-lasting myth.

Sets are usually sold in 7 pieces, as according to some traditions each chakra has its own tone. Marko added the 8 – octave note in his therapy method as well as in his sound trainings so participants can experience the treatment benefits of the added (otherwise missing) tone.

Hence 8 harmonically tuned and matched bowls, in the spectrum of C3 – C4. Since the bowls are personally sourced and matched by Marko, the guarantee is of an incredible accuracy level of +/- 3.0 Hz. Sellers usually do not care about tolerance and will sell you “sharp/flat” notes, and despite there are individuals claiming to match bowls (in Nepal or India) experience shown us that they are selling you a “Bunch” of bowls that are fitting one into another rather than a harmonically matched set.

The hand-hammered therapeutic quality set is available in opaque “Leopard dots” or golden shiny finish. It’s a rewarding lifetime investment…

Bowl sizes varies: from approx. 15 to 25 cm in diameter (6” – 10”)
Net weight: (bowls + mallets & wands) is of approx.10 Kg

* A carrying bag is available optionally.


7 pcs, 8 pcs

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