07. Professional Himalayan Singing Bowls Set


– Selected and matched by Sound engineer Marko Zigon
– Available in “Classic 7pcs” or Whole set 8pcs” configur.
– Therapeutic quality: for private 1 on 1 & group sessions
– Comes with 2 mallets & 2 different double-sided wands
– 7 PCS set = $ 1,172  |  8 PCS set = $1,308


7 is the fairy tales number. Some sellers claim that bowls are made out of 7 metals, which is not true, anyone who knows about metal can confirm. Sonic Temple went further and conducted a proper metallurgical research of contemporary singing bowls in Europe with the aim of demystifying this long lasting myth.

Sets are usually sold in 7 pieces, as according to some traditions each chakra has its own tone. Marko added the 8 – octave note as in his therapy method as well in his sound trainings participants can experience the treatment benefits of the added (otherwise missing) tone.

Hence 8 harmonically tuned and matched bowls, in the spectrum of C3 – C4. Since the bowls are personally sourced and matched by Marko, he guarantees an incredible accuracy level of +/- 3.5 Hz. Sellers usually do not care about tolerance and will sell you “sharp/flat” notes, and despite there are individuals claiming to match bowls (in Nepal or India) practice shown us that they are selling you a “Bunch” of bowls rather than a set.

The hand-hammered therapeutic quality set is available in opaque or shiny finish. It’s a rewarding lifetime investment…

Bowl sizes varies: from 15 to 25 cm in diameter (6”-10”)
Net weight: (bowls + mallets & wands) approx.10 Kg


7 pcs, 8 pcs

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