04 | Tuning Fork Footers


– Augments the vibratory perception (larger surface)
– Various gemstones available (metaphysical properties)
– Suitable for pain relief & sound massage treatments
– Only aluminum footer option also available ($33)

A useful addition to the Weighted/Otto vibrational tuning forks. Adjusted at the tip (stem) of the fork. After a proper activation it can be applied to almost any part of the human body. This type of extension offers 2 main benefits:

01. Due to larger active surface a wider part of the body is exposed to vibration, therefore it increase the sensory perception (experience) thus the efficiency of the treatment is drastically augmented.

02. The fork application is furthermore enhanced through frequency induction, that triggers the release of specific metaphysical properties of the used gemstone* conveniently fitted on the extension tip.

Few manufactures in the field claim to sell true stones, whereas in fact they are selling crushed stone leftovers replicas. Sonic Temple however is committed to offer pristine, genuine and the highest quality of gemstones.

There are also 3 additional options:

A. Aluminum tip – 27mm (approx.1″)
B. Rubber ball – 30mm (1 3/16“)
C. Aluminum ball – 35mm (1 3/8“)

Gemstone tip working surface: 25mm (1″)
Comes with a mini tightening tool.

* Where applicable.
** An optional adapter is required to fit this types of footer on the Universal Tuning Fork.

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