03 | Diagnostic Tuning Fork Set


– A matched “Unweighted” pair in the “perfect fifth” ratio
– Ideal for resistance detection & diagnosis
– Easy handling (lightweight aluminum alloy)
– Optimal for all aspects of metaphysical (Off-body work)

Sometimes named also “Whole Body Tuners”, this particular pair of forks is based on an interval ratio of 3:2. This specific correlation also known as “The Perfect Fifth” or Diapente (διά-πέντε) as Pythagoras of Samos named it around 535 B.C.E. has a special meaning in many cultures of the world.

As therapeutic value its main purpose is to balance the human autonomic nervous apparatus – (sympathetic and para-sympathetic systems) that regulates the body immune system and alternates between fight (alert) and serenity (rest) states.

The matched C (Do) and G (Sol) notes are promoting an almost immediate response in establishing balance among the two parties of the autonomic system. This pair of forks is at the same time a very efficient detection tool of metaphysical body layers that reflects the physical state of the receiver.

Made of special aluminum alloy to assure best sonic performance.

Stem diameter: 8 mm
Size C: (HxWxD) 207mm x 26mm x 10mm | Size G: 173mm x 25mm x 10mm
Total weight: 130g

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