15 | Artisanal Gong


– 32″ (81cm) therapeutic gong
– Hand hammered stainless steel
– Deep fundamental tone & rich overtones
– Root frequency from: A2 (La) 55Hz to D2 (Re) 73Hz
– Bespoke logo or design available upon request

The gong is most likely one of the eldest documented instruments. Despite many speculations it seems that its origins are deeply routed to Asia. By many considered to be a “king” among sound therapy tools for being the loudest and often biggest tool, hence it rarely passes unnoticed.

This particular gong is hand hammered, tuned, carved, brushed in a small artisanal workshop in Europe. Made from stainless steel it might not have super-long sustain of sound, but on the other hand, it has a deeper fundamental tone and rich overtones compared to the Nickel-silver type of gongs.

Gongs are in general a preferred tool in group sound meditations. They gained a huge popularity particularly in the Kundalini yoga community. The recommended size for a gong on stand is 32″ 81 cm.

Dimensions: 32″ – 81 cm
Weight: Approx.8 Kg

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